Saturday, August 31, 2013

River Oaks Donuts

Ever since I visited the Doughnut Plant, I have become very picky about the donuts I eat. If I am going to consume a food that is that bad,  it better be totally legit and really worth it. To be honest, I haven't really had a donut in a year. However, a new boutique doughnut store opened in River Oaks and I decided that I needed to check it out. This new place, called River Oaks Donuts, serves locally brewed coffee, handmade donuts and kolaches. As I drove up, I noticed that the drive-thru was hopping and their was a line that was just about to burst through the door. The inside of the shop is very tiny, but they did a wonderful job of making it feel airy, whimsical and open. There is a case that runs pretty much the length of the store. The glass case had their cake and fun frosted donuts. On the back wall where the kolaches, donut holes and all kinds of regular donuts.
I am not going to lie. I am kind of child when it comes to donuts. I am a HUGE fan of anything in fun colors and the more sprinkles the better! While I was trying to decide which fun donut I wanted, the donut holes caught my eye. Plus they have cake donut holes and I actually like cake donuts more than regular ones (because it makes me feel like they are a little healthier). They had plain, blueberry and red velvet. In addition they had filled donut holes...umm why didn't I think of this. I created my own donut hole selection and try some of all of them. What I ended up with was lemon, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate cappuccino, blueberry and red velvet cake donut holes. They didn't skimp on the filling which was nice. The chocolate cappuccino one was really yummy and surprisingly not sickeningly sweet. I know, that sounds really weird because I am sure you are asking yourself how donuts are not super sweet. It is because there isn't a thick layer of glaze on barely covers all of the outside which makes they much more enjoyable. I think that my top two donut holes were the chocolate cappuccino filled and the blueberry cake donut.

I am not usually a kolache person because it's usually just a whole bunch of bland bread with some cheese sauce... not worth it. However, the whole wheat spinach and feta kolache immediately caught my eye. The nice thing was that they actually heated it up for me before I left so it was more like it had just come out of the oven. There was a ton of the filling and the fact that it was whole wheat made me feel the tiniest bit less guilty. It wasn't bland at all and was much more upscale and eating one with a hot dog and cheese sauce. If you are looking for a place to get donuts and you haven't checked out River Oaks Donuts, be sure you do! These still don't have anything on Doughnut Plant donuts, but they are most definitely a great second choice. Plus, I found out from a friend that they do giant donut cakes which is super fun and would be great for a slumber party or different birthday dessert. Plus you can make it your own like my friend did by ordering a maple glazed donut and sprinkling bacon on it. Though I am not advocating eating donuts every day, I am totally okay with eating these every once in a while.

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